Fresh Food and Coffee Every Day

As our references highlight, not only can you trust us to deliver on time and according to specification, you can be assured that we don't take shortcuts either in quality or presentation of our food. We cater for all kinds of budgets, dietary requirements and we are flexible enough to accommodate any last minute orders and adjustments.

Here are some of the nice words our customers (local businesses) used to discribe our service. Please let us know if you would like to see the actual written references, we've got loads, these are just few:

"I have always been happy with the high quality service delivered by Snax. The team are extremly professional when I put them under pressure and place late orders. I believe we get great value for money which is why we continue to use Snax for many years. Thank you."

"Snax have been great for my company! They do the best at short notice if need be,

are extremly helpfull and very pleasent to deal with. I would not use anyone else"

"The team are friendly, observant and great at suggesting food to us. They care about their customers and this is shown day in day out."